HeadStuff badge copyOver the last number of years Margaret has contributed various articles to the Headstuff website and is currently assembling the Book of the Year 2015 list where some of Irelands best known and respected authors cast their vote on the best Irish books of the year…


Fail Better

“I did this because one day they will fail too. If they don’t, it means I will have failed as their mother. Because not to fail, is not to have attempted, not to have risked, not to have pushed yourself.”



Book of the Year List 2014


“My favourite book of 2014 was Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood. I’m a Hem fan and loved this portrait of him from the point of view of his four wives. Each wife tells her story just as her relationship with the writer is about to end. It’s a clever set-up and the book is atmospheric, moving and pacy. I don’t think you’d have to know a lot about Ernest Hemingway or Hadley, Fife, Martha and Mary to enjoy it. It’s a rollicking but deep story, well told.” 

Nuala Ní Chonchúir author of Miss Emily


Why I’m still nostalgic for Roseanne 


“My mother loved Roseanne. At the time I may have found that slightly unusual – they wouldn’t exactly have a whole lot in common, my mother was a quiet woman, she wrapped her cloak of respectability tightly around her…”


No man’s woman… Sinead O’Connor at the Electric Picnic

“I was going to call this piece ‘Nothing Compares…’ but after a bit of thought I knocked that idea on the head. Not because it’s the most obvious title in the world, but well, it depends on what your comparison is based on really…”



What’s cooler than being cool ? Outkast at the Electric Picnic

“My dad was very proud of the fact that he had the inside track on what the 2000 Creamfields festival was all about. ‘I’m telling you,’ he said gravely, ‘they’re not bands, they’re guys with big radios… no instruments at all, they don’t even sing… did you ever hear the like?’ “